Course Outline: Fine Arts 10 Architecture

Liverpool Regional High School 2007

Mrs. W. James


Architecture 10 is a required credit Fine Arts course. In this course we will be examining the cultural influences of architecture, the importance of architecture in living space, famous architects and the history of architecture including architecture of the Maritimes.


Required Materials: There are required materials for this course that students must come prepared with to each class.

  1. pencils (at least 2)                                             4. a large white eraser
  2. pens   (blue or black!)                                       5. a ruler
  3. black narrow felt tip pens (at least 2)

Optional but useful supplies include colored pencils, geometry, scissors, and glue.

You will be supplied with a clip board and a file folder for your portfolio



            Students will be able to

-         relate cultural influences to architecture

-         create and reproduce architectural structures

-         identify concepts and techniques used in architecture

-         learn the employability skills required of architects and related careers

-         discover the aesthetic appeal of various forms of architecture


Units: Please note that the length and order of units are subject to change.


On-going unit: Architectural Reproductions and Planning. Throughout this course students will be reproducing architectural works/plans and creating a portfolio of works.


Unit 1: Introduction to Architecture - This unit introduces students to concepts of architecture and develops an awareness of techniques, definitions, and applications of architecture. (2 weeks)


Unit 2: The History of Architecture: Building in Stone: European, Egyptian, Greek and Roman Architecture.  (6 weeks)


Unit 3: Structures for Living and Working - In this unit we will look at various structures developed over the ages designed for daily functional use. (4 weeks)


Unit 4: Architects of Greatness and the Seven Wonders of the Modern World Research of famous architects and discover modern architectural wonders.  5 weeks


Unit 5: Architecture of the Maritimes This unit will entail several outings to examine unique architecture of the local area. (3 weeks)



Assignments                             35%    

Projects(including portfolio)      30%

Class mark:                              15%

Tests/Quizzes                           20 %


  1. Assignments are to be kept in a portfolio with your name and date on them and this portfolio will be regularly checked.
  2. Major projects will be assigned throughout units. Some of these projects will be individual while others will be group projects.
  3. Your class mark is based on on-task work during class, be prepared, attitude, effort and participation in class.
  4. You will have unit tests and quizzes STUDY!
  5. A final exam on the entire course is worth 30% - keep good notes!


Student Expectations


1.      The classroom will be a place of mutual respect for the rights and feelings of others and property.


2.      Students are responsible for being in class on time and prepared materials.


3.  The bell indicates that class has started be on time!


4. Students are required to pass assignments in at the beginning of the class on the due date and be present for tests and quizzes on the day assigned.

Portfolio work and projects must be completed within the given deadline or a mark of zero will result.


Students who do not complete in class assigned work receive 0%.


5.      If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due or a test is given, he or she will be expected to hand in the assignment or write the test on the day of return.  Unexcused absences will result in a mark of zero for work completed that day.


YOU are responsible for getting missed work on a day that you were absent.


6.      Plagiarism is forbidden. A deliberate act of plagiarism will result in a mark of 0%. This includes coping drawings or having others draw for you.


7.      No food, drink, or personal listening devices in the classroom please. I will entertain you! Cell phones OFF!


8.      You are responsible for the materials given to you and will be liable for replacement costs if you should lose, or destroy them.


9.      Students who have questions or concerns about classes or assignments can come see me in my room before class, during lunch, or after school.


10.  Students will receive progress reports throughout the semester. Parents are encouraged to review these and contact me should concerns arise. I may be contacted at 354-7600 or


This is the fine print: Decisions you make are your own. Be accountable and responsible for your own actions and willing to accept the consequences, good or bad, of your decisions.