Rocks and Minerals WebQuest



Calling all future Rockers!



So you think a rock is just a rock, do you? Rocks are a lot more interesting than that! Use this webquest and its activities to help you find out more. Put on your hardhat and get rockin'!



You will complete the following task:

Design a poster to explain the three types of rocks and how the rock cycle works.


Visit websites to find the necessary information.

1.  Using the Inspiration worksheet as a guideline, gather and organize the facts collected about the three types of rocks.

2.  Using the rock cycle website, complete a rough sketch and write a  well developed paragraph about the rock cycle.

3.  Using your creativity, design a poster to display the knowledge you have gained about the three types of rocks and the rock cycle.

Additional Websites:

1.  Canadian Rockhounds

2.  Rockhounds

3.  Rocks and Minerals


This rubric will show you how you will be evaluated. 



In this quest, you have researched about the three main types of rocks and how the rock cycle works.  You have learned that rocks are continually changing as they are affected by the earth's forces.  Congratulations on becoming a ROCKER!!!!


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