Great Websites

Useful Chemistry Links

ChemTeam—Well written tutorials, practice worksheets and solutions for high school chemistry students

Adrian's webpage—Large comprehensive site aimed at high school chemistry students with chemistry topics including math skills for chemistry students. This site gives pedagogy, tutorials, lesson plans, labs and 1000s of links to other chemistry site. This award winning site will take you to whatever you need in chemistry

Widener University: Drill and practice work sheets. Has online calculator for some topics such as determing significant figures and limiting reagent.

Chemystery:  Demos, Lectures, quicktime movies of demos, databank of tests, easy to read and clear explanations

Newton Ask a Scientist : A large site where you can email a question to a scientist. They also have an archive of 1000’s of questions and answers in a variety of scientific disciplines. Lots of fun questions.

Web Elements - interactive periodic table -- great information!

The Sheffield Chemdex: the directory of chemistry on the WWW since 1993.  Database of chemistry sites on web, searchable. Gives ratings for the top sites, most popular, etc

Exploratorium: online museum of science, art and human perception Use the search engine to search for chemistry topics.

Salt Dissolving video

How ionic salts dissolve video

Introduction to DNA video


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