AP Chemistry 12

This website is designed to help students who are studying chemistry at the high school level. Included in this website are notes for students on a variety of topics, extra worksheets to practice various topics, links to interesting and informative websites as well as some web quests and lots of other fun links as related to chemistry. The more you use this page, the better you will do in chemistry

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Course outline

Course expectations                 

Useful chemistry links


Unit notes links
1. Review and summer assignment Gas Law Notes

Gas law tutorials - watch them!

Gas Law powerpoint

2. Intro to acids and bases & titrations acid and base titrations tutorial
3. Thermochemistry energy tutorials

Hess' Law tutorial

4. Kinetics  
5. Equilibrium  
6. Entropy Free Energy Tutorials
7. Acid and Base equilibrium  
8. Electrochemistry  
9. Exam Review  
Stuff you need to know for AP exam  




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