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Welcome to the Verge House Transition Program!

127 Queen Street

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia


B4V 1P3

Telephone  1-902-541-3040

Fax 1-902-541-8298


This program is offered by the

South Shore Regional School Board


A community-based educational program for 18-21 year olds who :

-are in continuous attendance in public school

-have individual education program plans

-would benefit from a life skills  training program


The integrity of this program is maintained in an atmosphere that:

SUPPORTS inclusion into all aspects of community life

DEFINES individualization

PROMOTES self-awareness, self-advocacy, empowerment

ENHANCES the development of critical- thinking skills, problem- solving skills & personal responsibility

CLARIFIES the process of accessing community resources




Click on the slide above to view a power point presentation that will give you an overview of the Transition Program. 


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