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All of the links on these curriculum pages have been contributed by teachers.  The compilation of these web-links is designed to save educators time and to direct you to some of the best resources that we have found.  For your convenience links have been organized by subject area.  As these outside web-links are not maintained by us we accept no responsibility for links that may change.  The links on this page (All Subjects and Grades) will be of particular interest to all educators.


All Subjects and Grades



Need some rubric ideas. Try the Learning Resources Technology website for links to a variety of rubric resources for educators.



Want to be able to use your bookmarks at home and school?  Are you frustrated because bookmarking with Deep Freeze is a problem?  Try this site that allows you access to your bookmarks from anywhere- http://iKeepBookmarks.com


Want to create your own website to support your classroom curriculum and to give your students a place to publish their work?  If you are a South Shore teacher you can apply for free webspace that is commercial free and privacy protected.  Go to the form and apply for your space.  



E-Stat- Statistics Canada's E-STAT is a dynamic interactive teaching and learning tool for the education community. It offers lessons based on recent Canadian data and can be searched by subject and topic area.  There are lessons for using the graphic calculator, for recent tourism information, for geography, health, math and more.  This is a free service to educators and can be accessed at home with a user ID and Password.  Like EBSCO, if you are using it at school the ID and password information is not required.  This web site can be accessed in both English and French. 


The Federal Government has launched a new section on the About Canada website with links to federal learning resources.  The information is searchable by subject area and is customized for teachers, students and parents.


Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators has long been a favourite of teachers throughout the globe.  There is something for every educator on this site. 


Webquests are organized by grade level, subject, topic and outcome and if you want to learn to create your own webquest this is also the site for you.  This link takes you to the site of the creator of webquests- Bernie Dodge.

bulletAll subjects and grades- a true wealth of information can be found at this site- http://TheEducatorsnetwork.com They will even e-mail you a weekly newsletter! Teachers from 170 countries use this site daily.


bulletUnits for teachers has many wonderful, current resources for teachers and students. Lesson planning can be assisted through using resources on this site.


bulletGoogle has a number features worth taking a look at- advanced search lets you qualify your search to narrow things down to what you want and reduce the number of results you obtain.  Need an image try Google Images  http://www.google.ca  You will get a picture of what you are looking for and below that you will usually find an article about the image.  If you want a copyright free image that you can use later type in public domain after the image that you are trying to find.  (e.g. Sir John A. MacDonald Public Domain) One more feature to be sure to check out in Google is the News folder.  Up to the minute news stories from all over the world can be found here.  You can also search the news archives.


bulletKidsClick is a web search site designed by librarians for kids.  Material is organized by a wide variety of subject areas. 



How do you know that a particular web site is a reliable source of information?  This guide gives you all the questions to ask. This link provided by Nancy MacDonald (LRT) can help you and your students answer that question.  


bulletTake a look at one the new search engines available- Vivisimo.  This is the only search engine that searches in clusters giving you the option to choose the cluster that you are interested in the most. (e.g. search for Tigers- choose from clusters involving baseball, animals, etc...)


bulletAnother new meta search engine- Kartoo, organizes search results visually.  Those familiar with Inspiration will enjoy taking a look at this one!   Click on a flag to choose the language you would like to search in- french, spanish...


bulletCopyright free images created by students and managed by Learning Resources Technology, N.S. Department of Education.  Your students can use them and can submit images that they have created to this site.


bulletEducational streaming audio and video station for NS schools. Also contains links to educational multimedia materials produced by schools.  See Michael Jeffery's Visit to Tancook movie on this site. (please note this site is only accessible through a school computer)


bulletDon't forget the favourite site of educators for professional materials and for online graded resources for students. EBSCO is really a safer search site. Get your home use password from your Principal, Elementary School Technology Mentor or from Sue. http://search.epnet.com

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If you have any great sites that you would like added to these pages please let me know!  

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