Teaching With Technology

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1. Create a lesson plan.  Do this on your own in Word or Download a sample lesson plan template to use as you proceed through the steps.  Click on the hyperlink, Open this Word document and when opened go to File and Save As.  Name the file and save it to your desktop.  Now, you will be able to fill in the information as you go. Continue to save the information as you use the form.  If you don't like this one try one of the templates available from the PT3 Initiative. It is your lesson so plan how you wish to but,  just ensure that you have all the required elements as outlined on the rubric.
  2. Time to choose your curriculum outcomes to address in your lesson. 

For technology outcomes please see the revised outcomes sheets that Sue gave out..

Now on to your curriculum outcomes.  If you know one off by heart that you want to include in this lesson plan please put in!  But, if you are like most of us and need to reference the documents try one of these two sites.

P-9 outcomes in cut and paste format from Bayview Community School or  P-12 in PDF format from the Department of Education.


  3. No need to reinvent the wheel- just adapt it.  The web is full of ideas that you can use to integrate technology and your curriculum in creative and interesting ways. 

For great ideas on the web try a site below that seems appropriate for you. No need to check them all - be selective.  Also, be creative and let the ideas flow for your lesson that will integrate technology and curriculum outcomes. Be open to new ideas and new ways of trying things.  You can create this lesson for a small group of students, individuals, or a whole class. 

Nova Scotia Department of Education Curriculum Website

South Shore Regional School Board Curriculum Links

Literacy and Technology Integration- see mini-lesson site for teachers

E-Stats- Canadian based lessons for all levels. Interesting, topical and informative using resources gathered by the Canadian Government.

PBS- Technology based lessons

Teachervision.com is a wonderful site, specifically focusing on lesson plans that use technology.

In the following two sites put in your curriculum area and technology as your search qualifiers and you will find some amazing ideas

Ask Eric- at the Educators Reference Desk

The Gateway to Educational Materials


  4. Assessing your students is critical to know if they have learned the outcomes that you have guided them through.  How will you assess your students?  Will they continue to learn from the assessment or are you only measuring what has happened at a snapshot in time?  For more on assessment go to the South Shore Regional School Board's Assessment page. 


  5. This it it! Time for you to fill in your lesson plan and see all of the exciting new ways you've discovered to teach and engage your students.  Check the rubric on the introduction page and self-assess your group's work.

When completed your lesson plan you should e-mail it to yourself. 

To do this open your IMP webmail. Log in and create an e-mail addressed to yourself by going to compose, in the To line put your EdNet e-mail address eg. sam@staff.ednet.ns.ca, give this a relevant subject line like- awesome technology integration lesson that I can't wait to try or something like that.  Then click on Attachments.  At the bottom of the screen you will have a new area aptly titled Attachments- go to browse and find the Word file that you have saved on your desktop.  Choose the file by clicking on it once.  Now, you will see that the name of that file appears in the file name area.  Click on Open, this will add the attachment to your e-mail. To complete the attachment- click on Attach and you will see your file is now attached.  Click on Send Message and in a few minutes your e-mail complete with attachment will be in your mailbox. 


6. If we have time, (that is always a factor) we will share our key ideas and where we found great resources with each other.  Please be prepared to share what you have come up with.  



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