Teaching With Technology

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Just as the printing press revolutionized learning and thinking in the 15th century; so the computer has created a similar revolution today.... In every field of knowledge, educational systems are transforming as both teachers and students learn to use multimedia technology.
-Dee Dickinson, on applying technology to Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences


What I hope you have learned by completing this webquest-
  • This is an activity that you can do with a staff.
  • That you can integrate technology with curriculum for real curriculum purposes.
  • There are revised ICT outcomes for each level.
  • There are many resources easily accessible on the internet for you to use in lesson planning.
  • There are many good resources for your students to use on the Internet and in your school.
  • That webquests are worth exploring further!



Some of you are going to be saying about now- give me more, others may be saying let's move on to something else.  Whatever you are saying now you may still find somewhere in the future that you would like to do a webquest with your students.  Why? They will focus on the outcomes you set for them and spend less time involved in unfocused internet searching.  They will be engaged in inquiry learning causing them to use higher order thinking skills and will show a motivation to learn and succeed.  But once again creating from scratch is not necessary. Bernie Dodge, the originator of WebQuests has an amazing site with links to millions of lesson plans and to teacher and student created WebQuests.  Visit the official WebQuest Page and find out so much more.

More information on teaching with technology- visit this site and look at the material linked to see the power of using technology with your students. Continue on by taking a look at the exciting research from the University of Connecticut on 'the new literacies' and the impact the use of technology can have on student learning.


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