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Word Powers

Unit 1: The Magic Baseball Card

Unit 2: Duos on Ice

Unit 3: Barn Raising

Unit 4: Three Monks, No Water

Unit 5: Cool Inuit Games

Test: Teamwork Wordlist & Outline

Unit 6: Telephone Talk

Unit 7: Before Telephones

Unit 8: Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt

Unit 9: Cowboyspeak

Unit 10: Jimmy Jet and his TV Set

Unit 11: We'll be Back After These Messages

Unit 12: The Birthday Box

Unit 13: Castle Life

Unit 14: The Sword and the Stone

Unit 15: Harald and the Giant Knight

Unit 16: Animating Harald

Unit 17: Simple Machines

Test: Knights and Castles Test

Unit 18: The Grade Five Lie

Unit 19: What's Fair?

Unit 20: The Right Thing

Unit 21: How Smudge Came

Unit 22: Children that Work

Unit 23: The Saltbox Sweater

Unit 24: The Soul of Caliban

Test: What's Fair

Unit 26: Dr. Quicksolve's Whodunit Puzzle

Unit 27: How Does She Do It?

Unit 28: The Red Headed League

Unit 29: Mysteries of Harris Burbick

Test: Mystery