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Mental Math

Below are the mental math units we will be covering this year.  Each has a hyperlink to the lesson overview which can be used by parents to help practice with your child.

Lesson 1: One Step At A Time

Lesson 2 : Using Place Value Names

Lesson 3 : Using What You Know

Lesson 4: Break it Up

Lesson 5: Break it Up 2

Lesson 6: Dropping Common Zeros

Lesson 7: Dropping Common Zeros 2

Lesson 8: Front End Focus

Lesson 9: One Step At A Time

Lesson 10: Starting at the Left (Addition)

Lesson 11: Starting from the Left (Subtraction)

Lesson 12: Working with Fives

Lesson 13: Trading Off

Lesson 14: Balancing in Subtraction

Lesson 15: Searching for Compatibles

Lesson 16: Searching for Compatibles

Lesson 17: Searching for Compatibles

Lesson 18: Make your own Compatibles

Lesson 19: Think Quarters  Noticing Nines (Addition)

Lesson 20: Noticing Nines (Subtraction)

Lesson 21: Tacking on Trailing Zeros

Lesson 22: Tacking on Trailing Zeros2

Lesson 23: Tacking on Trailing Zeros3

Lesson 24:  Front-End Multiplying

Lesson 25: Front-End Multiplying

Lesson 26:  Noticing Nines

Lesson 27: Doubling

Lesson 28:  Halving and Doubling

Lesson 29: Divide by Multipling

Lesson 31:  Tacking on Trailing Zeros

Lesson 32: Canceling Common Zeros

Lesson 33:  Breaking up the Dividend

Lesson 34: Think Money

Lesson 35:  Searching for Compatibles

Lesson 36: Making Your Own Compatibles