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Grade 9 Exam Outline Grade 9 Social studies exam is June 15 and the outline for the exam is posted on the website here. We only no classes left to finish our festival and language assignment so we will need to finish up after exams if they are not completed!


End of year Math tests grade 7 & 8 will write an end of year math test on June 14! I would like each student to prepare for it as I will have questions from each outcome. This will allow some students one last chance to meet unmet outcomes. We will begin to do some review in class this week. This test will also some general gaps in their learning that can be communicated to Centre for next year if there are areas that will need greater review.




Parents: please bookmark this page as I will update it daily so your student knows what they miss when they are away!

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Other things on the go at LHS:

June 8 - Transition at Centre

June 9 - Prom

June 11-16 Exams for grade 9

June 11 - Grade 7&8 Science unit tests

June 14 - Grade 7 & 8 Math tests (end of year)

June 17 -18 marking days

June 21 - school closing



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