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 ALR Number            Professional Teacher Resources and Manipulatives                                       Image                                                              Description

10699 Canadian Cash Kit without stamps

Includes coins and bills, $5, $10, $20 and $50 in a durable plastic tray
10700 Two-Colour Counters (200)

Red and Yellow Discs
13930 Overhead 2-Coloured Counters

Translucent discs
10701 Cube-a-Link (500)

2 cm interlocking cubes
13951 Cube-A-Link Kit   Cube-a-Link 1-100 Activity Board and Guide and 100 Cube-a-Links
11998 Complete Book of Cube-a-Link, 2nd Edition: Grades K-4   Reproducible 132 page comprehensive activities
11999 Complete Book of Cube-a-Link, Revised Edition: Grades 5-8

Reproducible 210 pages hundreds of activities
10702 Pattern Blocks

250 coloured wooden pieces: hexagons, squares, trianlges, trapezoids, rhombuses
12001 Pattern Blocks Activities For Primary Grades (P-3)   Blackline Master Workcards
10705 Pattern Block Activities (Grades 4-6)

125 Blackline Masters in Workcard format
16619 Pattern Block Stamps   Rubber stamp with wooden base corresponding to each pattern block
16620 Pattern Block Template   Plastic Stencil
20819 Pattern Blocks Overhead P-12

49 pieces
13931 Overhead Pattern Blocks P-6   49 pieces
13932 Magnetic Pattern Block Set    Magnetic pattern blocks
10711 Cooperative Problem Solving with Pattern Blocks Grades 4-6    
23183 Pattern Block Binder for Intermediate Grades 6-8   Blackline Master Workcard format, 128 pages
10706 Attribute Blocks (with tray)   Desk set with tray
10708 Hands On Attribute Blocks, Series in a Binder, Books 1, 2, and 3    
11041 Attribute Blocks (Large)

60 piece set that covers 100cm; complete with storage tray and unique shape tracing lid
20817 Attribute Blocks: Overhead   30 pieces
10712 Unifix Cubes (500)   Soft durable plastic cubes that join in one direction only
10713 Geoboards

5 x 5 pin array
22784 Link-a-Board

Allows students to connect 2, 3 , 4 6,and more geoboards together
20818 Geoboard: Overhead

Clear 5 x 5 pin array for the overhead
11996 The Geoboard Collection; Show and Tell Mathematics 2-4

Workcard format in Blackline Masters
11995 The Geoboard Collection; An Adventure in Mathematics 4-6   Workcard format in Blackline Masters
22035 The Intermediate Geoboard   240 pages of blackline master reproducible
20828 Geoblocks (Grades 4-8)    
11392 Geoblocks (Grades P-10)    
11393 Exploring Geoblocks

Blackline masters 208 pages
11038 Geometric Wood Shapes   12 pieces: 3-D shapes such as cone, shphere, pyramid, prisms, cubes and hemispheres
11037 Geometric Models: Grades 4-9   23 pieces: 3-D plastic shapes in storage tray
22567 Relational Geosolids

14 pieces: can be filled to show relationship between shape, size and volume
11579 Geo-Strips

Heavy duty plastic strips for constructing figures
11760 The Puzzling World of Tangrams and Pentominoes: Grades 3-9

200 puzzles sequenced form beginner to expert; solutions
11761 Pentominoes Pieces

12 durable plastic pieces
11040 1 Set Tangram Pieces

Brightly coloured platic geometric pieces
22752 Exploring with Power Polygons: Grades P-9

450 piece container; 6 basic pattern blocks plus 9 related shapes
11580 Caddy Stack Polydrons: Grades 7-9    
13093 Math - Vu Mirror: P-12

one mirror with portractor
13092 Investigate and Discover Geometry: Shapes & Measurement using the Math-Vu Mirror (P-3)   Blackline Masters; Assessment Sheets included, 58 pages
13091 Investigate and Discover Geometry: Shapes & Measurement using the Math-Vu Mirror (4-6)   Blackline Masters; Assessment Sheets included, 58 pages
22907 Investigate and Discover Geometry: Shapes & Measurement using the Math-Vu Mirror (7-9)   Blackline Masters; Assessment Sheets included, 58 pages
11577 Colour Tiles

set of 400 wooden tiles, in 4 colours 2.5 cm square
10723 The Fraction Factory Binder

Blackline masters with teacher guided ideas/concepts
10725 The Fraction Factory Pieces

3 sets per container
10726 The Fraction Factory Pieces   15 sets in 5 containers
22751 Fraction Factory Pieces: Overhead

pieces for the overhead
12004 Fraction Block Set: Grades 4-8

70 pieces but is to be used with pattern blocks
12005 Fraction Block Binder: Grades 4-8

Teaching notes and blacklines masters; 172 pages