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This site has been created to enable Math Mentors as well as classroom teachers to access information concerning mathematics within our district and provincially.


Please remember that you also have access to 26  Math Mentors within our district.  These Math Mentors have been trained to assist math teachers from grades Primary -9.  Math Mentors offer Professional Development in the following areas:

bulletPlanning and Implementation of Curriculum:
bulletFor example: Yearly Plans, Unit Plans, Lesson Plans, issues about content or issues about pedagogy
bulletUse of Processes in the Classroom:
bulletThe 5 NCTM Process Standards: Communication , Problem Solving, Reasoning, Connections and Representation Standards
bulletClassroom organization:
bulletUse of Resources, Effective use of Classroom Groupings, Student Engagement in the Classroom
bulletClassroom Assessment Practices:
bulletLevel of Questions, Organizing and Tracking Student Achievement, Use of Additional Forms of Assessment, Development of Assessment Items that Address Outcomes, Aligning Assessment with Instruction

Any teacher may self-identify or possibly be identified by their Administrator(s).  You may access the Math Mentors by contacting Sherene Sharpe Math Consultant Primary - 1 2 at 541-3076, and I will be able to get the process started for you. 





Sherene Sharpe, Math Consultant P-12, South Shore Regional School Board     902-541-3076


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