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Students enrolled in Career Development 10 are part of the Options and Opportunities cohort at Liverpool Regional High

Course Description: Career Development 10 involves helping students to plan ands prepare for the learning experience, both in the school and the community that will lead them to an occupation and/or a career.  This course is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of student backgrounds, abilities, learning styles and interests.


 Many specific objectives are taken from parts of existing courses.  These include:

  • Career and Life Management 11: Career and Personal Development units.  The focus is on assessing personal interests, traits, learning style preferences, skills and values and matching those to potential occupations.  Students engage in life/work decision-making, and demonstrate and apply the knowledge and skills needed to seek and obtain work.
  • Workplace Heath and Safety 11: The objective of this course is to help students understand the relationship between their high school studies and health and safety issues in the workplace.  The course focuses on assessing potential safety risks in the workplace, making informed decisions and taking appropriate action.
  • Co-operative Education/Community Based Learning 10: Pre-placement module.  Topics not mentioned above include job search strategies, issues in the workplace, the creation of a Life/Work Portfolio, employability skills assessment and development

Learning experiences and approaches may include:

  • Large group and individual community service work
  • Short term work placements, job shadowing experiences, and a chance to talk with people employed in various fields of interest
  • Orientations and Test Drives with Nova Scotia Community College
  • Using technology to access employability information and assessment tools, to create resumes, Life/Work Portfolios and other documents, and experiencing virtual work placements and ‘e-mentoring’ where appropriate
  • Emphasis on gaining and understanding employability skills, self-awareness and problem solving
  • The opportunity to set goals and reflect on experiences and performance.  This will include setting weekly Employability Skills goals


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