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Hello my name is Sandra Himmelman and I will be teaching  Family Studies  at  Hebbville Academy again next year  '2008-2009'.    I am excited to have been asked to include the Grade 6 students as well as the Grade 7,8 and 9 students.

The curriculum I am teaching has many possibilities to help the students be more prepared for life.  This year the grade 7's will concentrate on Sewing and Textiles; the Grade 8's Foods and Nutrition and the Grade 9's Child Care   The grade 6  students will be experiencing a bit of Foods and Nutrition, a bit of Sewing and also some life skills like money management, for example.

It is exciting for me to have you visit my web site because that means you are interested in what is happening in my classes at Hebbville.    As a teacher I want to be able to communicate more efficiently with my students and their families.

The fact that on the internet students and parents can locate information on assignments or topics covered in my assigned curriculum from their homes is exciting.  I have spent a great deal of time researching the individual topics covered in class  and as a teacher, I only have a certain available time to spend on each subject during the class.  Now that you have visited my website you can take your time checking out the assignments and also visiting links to many other websites that will be able to help you further study the individual topics.   I have taught PDR (Personal Development and Relationships) for a number of years and will leave some of the important links on my site for parentsm students and teachers to check out for important information.

Remember this is my first  website and I will do my very best to continue adding information and updating my files.   Please feel free to contact me with any constructive comments you may have about your visit.    My school email address is sndrhim@staff.ednet.ns.ca .  I would love to hear from you.

Stay awhile and check it out.



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