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AR 9 Web Hunt


Thanks to our AR Literacy Leaders for a great two day workshop.  Please remember to e-mail Sue ( your mini-lessons and to continue to work on your sites.  If you have any problems do not hesitate to ask for assistance.  Check the links page for website links and look on the mini-lesson page for ideas. 


This two day conference for Literacy Leaders will give you some additional tools to motivate and instruct pupils by enhancing literacy through the use of technology.





8:45- 9:00 Welcome and Introductions





9:00- 10:30- Overview AR, IEIE, Grade 6 Assessment, Resources in our schools and on-line, use of red and green signs, Internet Acceptable Use Policy, Visions and Language Arts Documents, Internet searching skills


10:30-10:45- Break Provided


10:45- -Software and Hardware review- highlight of Key software upgrade points


11:15- Literacy Mini-Lessons


12:30-1:00- Lunch Provided On-site


1:00-1:30- Sharing Mini-lessons


1:30-3:30- Comprehension Skills and Research


3:30- Assessment and Homework


4:00-7:00- Barbeque at Betty Jean’s





8:30-9:00- continue work on Mini-lessons and review as desired

9:00 Working in a technology challenged environment

9:30- EBSCO review and update

9:50- Making a difference in student writing

10:30- Break Provided

10:45- Writing for Authentic Purposes- communicating using the web- guest- Bev Langley, Elementary Technology Mentor, Centre Consolidated School

12:00-12:30- Lunch provided –on-site

12:30-2:30- continuation of a.m. activity

2:30- sharing

3:00- The proper care and feeding of your new equipment- guest – Peter Bowers, Supervisor of Technical Services

3:30- wrap-up




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