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Park View Full IB Diploma Candidates

Since Park View’s adoption of the IB Programme in 1981, there have been sixty-four students who have accepted the extra challenge of the full IB Diploma Programme. Diploma candidates study 6 courses at the IB level, enroll in an extra Philosophy-type course called Theory of Knowledge, write a 4000-word research paper known as their Extended Essay, and complete at least 150 hours of creative endeavours, physical activity, and volunteer service.

1983  Melinda Ernst, Joan Smith

1984  Jerry Pittman, Scott Wentzell

1987  David Ernst

1988  Linda Klaamus

1990  Mark Mayo 

1991 Tim Guimond, Donald Levy, Julie Sunderland

1992  Wanda Ernst, Rachelle Hughes, Hamilton Maguire

1993  Peter Scott

1995  Doug Wentzell

1996  Michael Hilchie, Julia Smith, Nathan Williams

1997  Michael House

1998  Brian Atkinson, Amy Biebesheimer, Stephanie Bonnell, Jackie Porter, Morgen Reinhardt

1999  Hazum Jamjoum, Maggie Covert, Anna Merlini, Emma Wendt, Stephanie Romkey

2000  Bruce Cameron, Jessica Enright, Alison Etter, Shanna Feener, Robbie Kingdon, Ryan Tanner

2001  Stephen Eddy, Chloë Ernst, Colin Hebb, Molly Kleiker, Jason Meisner, Jake Rose, Gus Webb

2002  Jillian Banfield, Scott Pineo

2003  Dominique Cristall, Amanda Grace, Sarah Hughes, Brenan Isabelle, Steven Nelson

2004  Mallory Adams, Drew Brazill, Lauren Cameron, Lauren DeRoller, Nina Hynick, Lisa Jorgensen, Lukas Lange, Jessica Meisner, Russell Morrison

2005  Reynaldo Glombowski, Daniel Layton, Laura Oxenham, Ryan Wyer

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