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Community Connections

The International Baccalaureate program at Park View Education Centre thrives on a variety of partnerships within the local community. With the creation of the Park View IB Society, these connections have continued to grow, and community support for the IB has reached new heights.

The Park View IB Society has fostered several key partnerships in the community. Local businesses and corporate connections have been extremely supportive. The local media has partnered with the Society to heighten the IB profile. A working relationship has been established with the South Shore District School Board. Connections with local universities and Park View’s IB program have been strengthened by the Society’s initiatives.

Volunteers for Society events are drawn from a pool of current and former students, parents, retired teachers, business people, and the staff at Park View Education Centre. Many of these partners realize that an IB program has potential for community renewal and economic development; enhanced student opportunities bring families to the local area, along with skills and investments. By raising the IB profile in the community, the IB Society hopes to enhance opportunities for all local students.

Academic excellence and youth leadership are much needed in today’s world, and to this end, the Park View IB Society can contribute at the community level. In May 2004, the IB Society was asked to write an article for the IB North America e-newsletter. The theme of the issue was “Partnerships”, and the IB Society and its Knowledge festival were included as an example of how commuity partnerships can work to support IB programs. To read this article please click here.

Our Sponsors

Achievements of the IB Society, such as the Knowledge Festival, have been made possible through the generous support of local businesses an organizations. Our sponsors have appreciated the opportunity to support the encouragement of youth leadership and academic excellence.

The three founding patrons of the Knowledge Festival are O'Regan's, CKBW, and Lighthouse Publishing. O’Regan’s has been our largest sponsor, whose generous seed monies have sustained the festival in recent years.

Lighthouse Publishing has provided thousands of dollars worth of printing needs and free advertising. Both Lighthouse and CKBW have partnered to bring us the successful South Shore Idol competition.

The Knowledge festival has always received significant support from Atlantic Superstore, Town’s End Strings n Things, Mahone Insurance, Bowaters, Dairy Queen, Queen St. Grill, Gow’s Home Hardware, Zwicker Woodworking.

The following businesses have provided food product for our cafeteria services during the Knowledge Festival: Bridgewater Pharmasave, Canada Bread Atlantic Ltd., M & M Meat Shops, Crouse and Choat Wholesale Ltd., Farmers’ Cooperative Dairy, Shoppers Drug Mart, Appleberry Farm, Armstrong Food Ltd.

Many other businesses, individuals, and organizations have donated money, time and product for silent auctions, fund-raising draws, and Knowledge Festival activities adn / or displays.

We appreciate all of our sponsors and participants, and thank them for their contributions. If you would like to help support the IB Society and events such as the Knowledge Festival, please contact us.

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