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My Coaching Philosophy:  I believe in working hard and commitment.  I look for dedication to your sport and your team.  I believe in sportsmanship toward everyone involved.  I believe in respecting yourself, your coach, and your teammates.  I believe that hustle and effort can make up for a lot of mistakes.  I believe that the rewards are worth all the hard work.  


Senior Boys Soccer 2006/2007


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Senior Boys Basketball 2006/2007

    Schedule                                                Roster                               Team Regulations

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Badminton 2006/2007

The badminton season will be starting up at the end of February for all grade levels.  Stay tuned to Mr. Morris' website for details.

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Track and Field 2006/2007

The track and field season will be starting up at right after March break for all grade levels.  Stay tuned to this website for details.  


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