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Chemistry 11

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This Week in Class:

Monday we will review the naming, formula writing, and drawing of alcohols.

Tuesday the class will be taken to start an assignment in organic chemistry which will be completed for homework.

The rest of the week will be taken to talk about what is expected for your portfolios which are due on Friday, June 15th.  Also doing an exam review and having time to ask questions about things the students are unsure of going into the final exam. 

Exam Review - Click here to see your exam review for Friday, June 22nd, 2007


Course Description:  This is an academic full credit course.  Chem 11 introduces students to science through chemistry in a way that will provide both a worthwhile and interesting terminal course and a foundation for future study.  Topics include: theories of the atom, the elements of the periodic law, chemical bonding, nomenclature and formula writing, stoichiometry, chemical reactions, the mole and its use, molecular structure and chemistry of carbon compounds and an introduction to organic chemistry.  




Portfolio on all 4 units *** - Due June 15th.  ***

Stoichiometry conversions lab due Thursday, May 17th.



Exam *** - Friday, June 22nd - ***