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About Me

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I am originally from Barrington Passage, which is only a few hours further down the South Shore of Nova Scotia. 

After graduating from High School I attended Acadia University where I obtained a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree before going on to the education program where I studied in Physical Education and Sciences at the secondary level. 

While growing up as well as through my university years I have always been very involved in physical activity and sports.  I have been able to participate on many teams, including  baseball, softball, soccer, badminton, track and field, basketball, ultimate frisbee, broomball, floor hockey, as well as others at various levels.  I always loved being around teams and am a level 3 coach that has worked with age groups ranging from 6 years to adults in just about any sport that's been around.  This passion for working with youth and helping them to achieve their goals is the reason I chose teaching as my career. 

Something you may not have known:  I am the middle of 3 brothers in my family.