EDUC 537

Electronic Portfolio

Welcome to my (Paul Elliott's) E-Portfolio for Education 537 at the University of Cape Breton. The course is entitled Designing Web-Based Learning and my professor for this course is Diane Janes.

This E-Portfolio is intended to chart my progress and learning throughout the course the course and my learning as an individual. In it you will find much of the material I have created for this course including our group Concept Map, WebQuest, and Paper with lesson plan. I have also included sections outline my learning and reflections on Multiple Intelligences, WebQuests, and Learning Theories. This will be a work in progress for me and I intend to add to this as I continue forward in my teaching career and have a chance to reflect back on this site over time. This is a working document.

Click on the links below to see what I've learned and what I've done

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I came across this great poster during this course that could serve as a primer

 for everyone in how I feel a person should approach life .

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