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This site was designed to highlight daily events, activities and accomplishments of the Grade Three class at Chester District School.  Students will be able to share what's happening with family and friends.                                               


         Chester District School

         Supply List for Ms. Laniganís Grade 3

         September 2010 

2          boxes of Kleenex (to be collected and shared)

1          book bag

1          lunch bag

            Phys. Ed. clothes (t-shirt and shorts or sweatpants)

1          pair indoor sneakers suitable to Phys. Ed. (non-marking soles, please)


Please save any supplies remaining from grade 2 to use at home next year.

 Students will be paying a school supply fee as Ms. Lanigan will purchase the duotangs, pencils, glue, crayons, binders, scissors, kit box, etc. at a bulk order price.  This will ensure consistency and supplies will be distributed and replenished as they are needed.  Hopefully this lessens any stress parents/guardians may feel when finding supplies during the summerJ

 The school supply fee of $30.00 will be collected by Ms. Lanigan the first week of school.   

Students will be using a Homework Agenda, which is included in the supply fee.  These are heavy duty coil-bound notebooks containing pages for daily recording of homework and notes.    

I look forward to working with you and your child next year, have a fantastic summer!

Ms. Lanigan



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Chester District School Phone 275-2750
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Chester, Nova Scotia Teacher Ms. Lanigan
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