Baseball Rocks

Baseball is a very exciting game both for the player and the spectator. Alike doing both but most of all I like playing. There are many reasons I like baseball. I hope these reasons will convince you to go to a baseball game or play yourself.

I enjoy showing up for practice early. I sit in the stands and think about catching, hitting, and throwing the ball. It is very quiet and peaceful. It is even better when the grass has just been mowed. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.

It feels great to hit the ball on the sweet spot of the bat and the ball flies out of the park. When the ball goes out of the park, you get a homerun and you get to run around the bases slowly and you can enjoy your victory. Running the bases can be fun too when you are trying not to get out. You get to slide to the base under the tag and get dirty. That can be balls of fun.

You can make great catches in the outfield and the infield. I myself play first base because I am left handed. I enjoy stretching out for the ball when it is thrown to first base to get the other teams player out. I am also a pitcher who controls the game. I enjoy pitching and striking out my many victims. You are very lucky if you have a no hitter. You feel like you are on top of the world when no one can hit the ball you threw across the plate.

My parents really enjoy watching my games. They find it exciting watching from the stands. They say they always feel like part of the game. So, I know if you go to a baseball game you will feel the same. The best part of watching a game is eating a hotdog. My wish is to someday play Major League Baseball and go to the World Series.