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January 13, 2009

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

It is that time of the year at New Ross Consolidated School…time to get the science fair projects underway. The students need to be thinking of a project which is of interest to him/her. This project provides an opportunity to explore some of the ideas and questions that are related to the ever-changing fields of Science. Here are a few suggestions that might help you with your son/daughter’s project.

1. Student’s often have a difficult time choosing a topic. Talk over the possibilities. Your child may have an interest, a hobby, or maybe you have an idea. Sometimes just talking things over helps spark an idea. Examining the local paper for new Science stories may help. Looking for connections between two areas is valuable. Perhaps there is something at your work or at home that could form a basis for a project.

2. Each student has been given a copy of the South Shore Regional School Board Brainwaves booklet. This booklet provides your student with valuable hints and instructions for project set up. The booklet also contains web links that may help in choosing the topic.

3. Be helpful where possible. Give encouragement throughout the project. Try to give constructive suggestions. You may be able to assist when it comes to assembling the display.

4. However….it is the student’s project. Don’t do it yourself. When it comes to judge and give marks for projects, it is usually very clear which projects parents took over completely.

Students are able to work individually or with a partner. The mark they receive for their project will be used in their assessment for their term mark. We will be awarding bronze, silver and gold standings for all projects and the top 1 (possibly 2 projects) in each grade level will participate in the Regional Science Fair on March 27th & 28th at NSSC Lunenburg Campus, Bridgewater.

This year’s fair will be held on Wednesday March 4, 2009 with a storm day of Thursday March 5, 2009. The fair will last the entire school day with the students not only participating in the judging process but also a mini science Olympics. Parents will be permitted to view all projects during the period of 12pm-1:10pm. We will culminate the day with a school wide assembly where awards will be presented. Parents are encouraged to stay for this.

Please read over all the attached information with your child and return this letter signed to indicate you have agreed to participation and all the rules pertaining to the fair.

Yours in Science,

Melissa Willman

7 & 8 Science Teacher, Science Fair Organizer

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