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An exhibit to be proud of….
Building the display provides the chance to develop and demonstrate construction, artistic and written skills. There is a good deal of work involved to design an exhibit that explains to the observer what the project is all about.


*****Think neatness, color, creativity!!!*****

• Projects must be constructed of fire resistant materials.
• Recommended backboard includes wood or wood products ผ inch thick or thicker, and /or synthetic materials.
• If backboard is decorated, there must me NO AIR POCKETS behind the material or paper used for decoration. For this purpose, students may use lamination, wallpaper paste, rubber cement, or glue. Panels may be painted.
• Overlapping sheets of notes or graphs are to be stored in a logbook, and not stacked on the backboard.
• Drawings, photographs, graphs and models can all be used to illustrate the work done.

Large items of equipment may not fit in the space available and can be replaced with
models, photographs and drawings.


Your Display Board needs to have the following: