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In this section of my web page I will keep track of extra-curricular sports activities and possibly write up a review of each game we have.  Also there is a link below to different amateur and professional sports sites for parents and children to peruse at their leisure.

Boys and Girls Basketball

       The girls and boys teams are in full swing now practicing and/or playing 2-4 times a week.  The girls team has had a few games and according to their Coach, Principal Patrick, they are improving every time they take the court.  I myself can see their improvement every single Phys.Ed. class as we are doing a basketball unit to run concurrently with the season.

    The boys team is also enjoying success this year.  They are being coached by Mrs. Lohnes who is doing a marvelous job!  The boys are also improving with every Phys Ed class and hope to continue their winning ways in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for some more updates.

For some good Sport Websites click here