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Expanding Your Ideas In Supporting New Teachers- Give one Take one activity (Word)- With the large number of new teachers that we have each year it is great to have a variety of ideas in how to support them in their new roles. AR Newsletter (PDF)- sample newsletter for grades 7-9
Mentoring Letter (Word)- How one mentor introduced the concept to her staff. Sample Word Wall list Jr. High and High School algebra (Word)- word walls are a great way for mentors to get started with some teachers.  It helps to show how to easily create the wall using technology skills. 
Reading Conference (Word)- important part of the active reading hour.  This is a sample sheet that a mentor might leave with a teacher after working with them.  How can mentors support teachers?  (Publisher) Sample brochure to be used with teachers, administrators, Board members....
Curriculum Mapping (Excel)- knowing your curriculum, how to connect target learnings and planning effective assessment strategies. Blank sample planning sheet. Curriculum Mapping Gr. 1 ELA sample (Word)
Curriculum Mapping Diary Gr. 6  (Word) Curriculum Mapping Gr. 7 ELA (Excel)
AYR Newsletter (PDF)- A literacy newsletter for K-6.  This was produced by our Meta Mentor and is distributed through the in-school mentors.  It helps give a focus for ongoing discussion.  After School sessions offered by an inschool mentor (Word)- sample for mentors to see how one mentor has developed professional development based on staff identified needs.
Grade 9 Math Glossary (Power Pt.)- produced by one of our mentors to show the importance of vocabulary building in the content areas.  Mentor Competencies- (Word) What did we look for in a mentor?
New computers- here is a brochure with suggested activities that our mentors used when new computers arrived in all of our Grade 3 classrooms.  A great and consistent way to guide and orient to new classroom hardware and software. This of course leads to follow up conversations and opportunities. (Publisher Brochure) Mentor Tracking Sheet- (Excel) mentors are all given time within their timetables to perform their mentoring duties.  They are required to report three times a year on what types of activities they are engaged in with teachers.  The tracking sheets are used to look system wide at what mentors are doing and to help mentors set goals. 






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