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  • Marratech- video conferencing platform. We use a video conferencing platform to have short duration meetings with our mentors.  They appreciate the opportunity to interact with other mentors, get some additional information and be able to ask questions first hand without even leaving their schools.  Winter travel in Nova Scotia can be challenging but even in warmer weather people appreciate not having to travel long distances to attend a meeting.  Some of our mentors even take part in the video meetings from home.
  • Moodle- Content management system and collaborative environment.  It is important to maintain good communication, to solicit feedback and to share resources.  We do all of this within our Moodle platform.  Our portal provides a 24 hour support to mentors when they are looking for new ideas, can't remember when the next meeting is or need a form.  It is all there on the portal.  We conduct polls, collaboratively work on documents in our wikis, and most importantly we share materials.
  • Literacy and Technology Integration- this site was developed to assist teachers in our Board and province with integration ideas.  It has also provided a showcase for the exchange of mini-lesson ideas.  Further, the Family Literacy section has proved very helpful to teachers when working with parents and for families to find stress free ideas that motivate students by using technology to promote literacy.
  • Atomic Learning - a wide range of tutorials for a multitude of software titles. This site has a great free section but even more if you buy a subscription.
  • Family Literacy Activities and Ideas- this site gives our mentors ideas to share with parents that promotes literacy and technology integration in fun, family friendly ways.  The site also gives parents the vocabulary that mirrors that which their child relies on for strategies in reading and writing. It makes it easier for parents to work with their child at home when they are approaching things in a manner similar to the classroom teacher.

Links to Look At

Hundreds of links to mentoring teachers new to middle school- http://www.middleweb.com/mentoring.html


Curriculum Links- http://ssrsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca/user7

Our Mentor's mentor site- see Stephen Jamieson's site for Mentor's for many valuable ideas to use at your schools. http://ssrsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca/sjamieso/

How should we spend our time in Professional Development?  A PPT developed around the work of Joyce & Showers. 

Focus on Effectiveness from Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory






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