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For Parents
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    Welcome to grade 6-R! This year is a year to emphasize and improve skill development, using a variety of out-come based subjects to enhance your childís reasoning, thinking and communication skills. Independence, organization, planning and responsibility are the focus of your childís development.

    Your child will come home with talk of "Rafuse" money and "Mad Minute". For those of you who do not understand, "Rafuse" money is a classroom management technique which helps the studentís awareness of their developmental progress as mentioned above. The students earn money for positive accomplishments both academically and developmentally. This money can be spent to buy privileges or can be spent at the end of the year "treasures" auction.

    Each math lesson begins with "Mad Minute". This is an exercise designed to sharpen mental arithmetic skills. The program is individualized so that each child progresses at their own rate. You will hear their enthusiasm as they progress, competing only against themselves, stimulating their minds, sharpening their skills and improving their self-esteem in a one-minute daily exercise.

     Daily, you will be able to have a glimpse of your childís activity through the homework journal. Homework usually consists of unfinished class work and projects and special assignments that are to be done at home. Parentsí signatures in the homework journal is optional. The homework journal is a way to keep your young student organized and up to date. You should expect to see this journal every day. If you have not seen it for a few days or if it does not have anything in it, please make inquires to your child and/or to myself. Homework is the responsibility of the child. Each student must make sure the homework is correctly written in the homework journal, all necessary books and papers are taken home, the homework is done and returned to class on time.

    Evaluation of students has many forms including in-class observation, portfolios, homework, assigned tasks, projects and tests. Formal assessments go home three times per year and there are two scheduled parent / teacher meeting events. However, parents are encouraged to contact me whenever the need arises. You should understand that when you call the school to leave a message, I may not have the opportunity to check my messages until after 3:15 p.m.. Writing a note and sending it with your child means that I have the opportunity to read your message earlier in the day. From time to time, special situations may arise. Please feel free to contact me. Parent / teacher meetings can be arranged at any time during the year.

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As we progress through the grade six year, if there is a topic of study where you can contribute your expertise to our class, we would value your participation.

I am looking forward to our year together.

M. C.  Rafuse

Grade 6