The top of each page lists the Department of NS Grade 6 Math Outcomes.
Colours indicate the type of information/activity as follows:

Blue: Learn
Black: Information
Red: Memory helpers
Green: Practice


  • Unit vocabulary
  • Links to online learning & practice
  • Suggested topic specific apps (prices not indicated as they fluctuate)

NOTE: If accessing game links from an iPad,  a web browser that supports Flash Player is required.  

Puffin (Free version expires in 30 days)
Does not support speak selection of webpages. Auto flash player.

Supports speak selection of web pages.  Must enable Flash when required by choosing the lighting bolt at the top of the browser.

Apps for Operations Practice

Quick Maths 
Practice all operations against a timer, tracks progress

Quick Maths+
Beyond the basics, includes orderof operations, negative integers, comparing numbers...

Times Warp
0-12 times table practice, game format.

Long Division
Learn & practice mechanics of long division; includes remainders, decimals, repeating decimals, and decimals in divisor.

Math Bingo
All operations, bingo bugs.


All operations, arcade game style.

Mad Math

All operations, bingo, flashcards & bubble game options.

Number Run
All operations, Mario game style.

Math Academy
Drills with all operations.  Purchase full game to remove advertisements.

Math Evolve
All operations, arcade game style.

All operations including negative integers, bingo style

Operation Math
All operations, spy mission game.

Apps for Problem Solving

Math logic, problem solving, critical thinking and pattern recognition games.

Word problems with multimedia content, based around a theme such as animals, trains, oceans…  Each app encompasses different math concepts.