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Welcome to the Literacy and Technology website. 

This site has been developed to assist educators by providing ideas for integrating technology in classrooms through the use of mini-lessons, explicit instruction, research and more.  The goal is to enhance student literacy through the use of technology. 

Our concepts and applications of  technology and literacy have definitely changed over time.  Once, many of us used rotary dial phones and today we can send text messages and check our e-mail while in constant contact with the world through our cell phones.  Some form of technology has always been with us and the key to the successful use of technology still remains using the right technology for the right purpose. 

This website will give you examples of programs and methods to use when delivering information to your students and when having them meet curricular outcomes in your school.

The ability to use technology is now considered a basic literacy skill in Canada.

A working definition of Literacy is:

"Literacy involves a complex set of abilities to understand and use the dominant symbol systems of a culture for personal and community development.  The need and demand for these abilities vary in different societies.

In a technological society, the concept is expanding to include media and electronic text in addition to alphabets and numbers.  Individuals must be given life-long learning opportunities to move along a continuum that includes reading, writing and the critical understanding and decision-making abilities they need in their communities."

This site contains a series of tried and true mini-lesson samples and ideas that encourage the use of technology in classrooms and yet promotes the development of student literacy at the same time. It also contains a links page to resources that support and/or are referred to in the mini-lessons. A highlight section is using technology to support students who are struggling in reading and writing. 

Lastly, the Family section contains a plethora of ideas to support students of all ages in the development of their literacy skills. This section includes traditional literacies and the 'new' literacies.  Here you will find some ideas for parents on how to assist children with reading and writing skill development and some information on internet safety at home.





This site was last updated on 02/09/10.

Sue Taylor-Foley, Coordinator of Assessment and Technology, South Shore Regional School Board, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada

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