September 3, 2010


Bienvenue au Français Intensif


            Hello and welcome to another fun filled year at Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy.  This is an especially eventful year as this is the last year for your child in elementary school and he/she is partaking in an extraordinary experience of the Intensive French Program.  My name is John Tutty and this is the third year that I will be teaching this program at Wickwire.  I am fortunate to teach your son/daughter this academic school year of 2008-2009 and I will be teaching them all year (the first 5 months in French, the last 5 months in English).  As you and your son/daughter embark on this experience, you certainly may have many questions and anxieties.  Feel free to phone me at the school or email me at


The following is a bit of information that may help you out.


1.      Your son/daughter always has work they can be doing at home.  Each day they must listen to 10 minutes of radio, tv or internet in French.  If this is a problem and you do not have access to these things, let me know and I’ll provide your son/daughter with a videotape.  Other homework will also be assigned.  Everything I send home for homework has already been explained and/or started in class so they know exactly what to do (just in case you’re stressed about not being able to help them with their homework in French)!  They also should be reading English novels every night during the French half of the year to keep up their skills.  I will be asking for help from home to make sure they do their daily reading.  They will also occasionally have Math homework.

2.      There are fewer tests in the first 5 months of school.  The French program is based on project evaluation, communication, discussion, group work, presentations, etc.  We will still have regular tests in Math.

3.      Your son/daughter will be in the French component for most of the day during the first 5 months along with an hour of math (taught in English) and any of the scheduled specialist subjects (gym and music).  The second half of the year will be all of the regular subjects, compacted, and French.  This means that all the curriculum’s requirements will be covered but reorganization is required.  Math does not change throughout the year.  It stays in English, one hour each day.



The following themes are explored in the Intensive French program

1.      Me, my school, my family

2.      Sports, music, pastimes

3.      Domestic, wild and imaginary animals

4.      Environment



Some of my classroom rules include:

1.      Respect yourself, others and the class.

2.      Cooperate and do your part.

3.      Raise your hand to speak and listen to others.

4.      Be ready to work with a positive attitude.

5.      Make an effort to speak French at all times during French classes.


If they “forget” the rules, I’ll remind them of their behavior and speak to you and/or the office if necessary.  If they are doing wonderful (and I suspect and anticipate that they will) I’ll give them encouragements or a phone call home.


I would also like to bring to your attention my website.  If you have access to the internet, you can go online and get information on homework, assignments, and future events.  The website is updated every day, usually before your student even gets home from school.  If you would like to keep informed about what your child is responsible for, you can find the information easily.  I also post information on some assignments so that if a sheet is lost, students may be able to retrieve it from the web page.  The website can be found easily by going to and typing in “Tutty Wickwire”.  Alternately, you can type in the following address



In closing, I wish you and your son/daughter a wonderful and successful school year.  If I can accommodate you in any way please let me know, as I want to work with you in a partnership to ensure a fantastic learning experience for you and your child.  Please encourage your child in his/her endeavor as parental support goes a long way.





John Tutty

Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy (354-7660)

or by email.  Click on "contact Mr. Tutty" or type