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Exploring Careers

  1. Build a discussion around what work is and why it is necessary for most adults. Include the following questions: Why do people work? When do people work? Do all jobs have the same schedules? Why not? What happens when people work? What does the worker do? How do people prepare for jobs? How do people choose the careers they are in?
  2. Make a list of jobs in the school and in the community. Discuss some of the jobs and what duties the worker would have.
  3. Create a class careers book. Hand out stencils of a simple human body. Have students trace the shape on their papers and dress it according to the job they would like to have. Ask them to add descriptive settings to their pictures, and then have them write about what they would like to be and why.
  4. Assemble the pages into a class book. Share the work with parents.

THINK: What job would you like to have when you are older? Why?