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Interesting Internet Sites


Sites on this page are directly related to the Grade 6 Nova Scotia curriculum.  Some sites are actually used as resources for the class while others are useful for students to learn more about something that interests them.  Check out the links below.  Mr. Tutty is continuously building this list of resources and will add them as he finds them.  If you find a useful site, bring it to Mr. Tutty's attention and he may add it.






Mr. Tutty's Weebly Site - A site where you can contact Mr. Tutty if you do not have access to email.

Science Websites


General Science Links

    Science and Technology Website (grade 6) -   This website has many links to sites that correspond with the grade 6 curriculum.  This is a collection of links from another site so some of the links may not work.

   National Geographic Explorer (Student Magazine) (NEW)- An online magazine with articles, games, and other information for students in many different subject areas.

    National Geographic Kids - (NEW) -National Geographic website for Kids :)


    NASA Homepage

    Phases of the Moon Website -(NEW) A website with useful information about the different phases of the moon.  Thanks for the recommendation ;)

    Skywatch Magazine Homepage - The homepage for an amateur astronomers magazine.  Has information on stars and constellations and when         they are visible.

    Cassini-Huygens Spacecraft Homepage - The homepage for the NASA Spacecraft currently in orbit of Saturn.  Great images.

    Hubble Space Telescope - The website for the telescope in orbit of the earth.  Spectacular images.

    Earth and Sun Animation - This site shows an animation of how the earth revolves around the sun. 

    National Geographic Virtual Solar System - A colorful and informative site on our solar system.

    The Canada Space Agency - A site describing Canada's role in space.

    Satellites - A site with information on different types of satellites.

    The International Space Station Site - NASA's website for the ISS.  Includes information on everything about the ISS including a virtual tour.

     Mars Exploration Rover Mission Homepage    - The official website for the Mars Rover that has been on Mars since 2003.  Many interesting pics and videos.

    Phoenix Mars Mission Homepage  - The official website for the Phoenix Mars Lander

    Dextre Robot Site - (NEW) - This is the Canadian Space Agency's official site for their robot handyman.

    D.K. eguides - Space Travel site (New) - A website that has many links to videos, animations, etc.  You just need to type a keyword in the search bar.

   Link for Mars Assignment - A link to some information on Mars.






    Bernoulli's Principle Animation - An animation that explains Bernoulli's Principle and explains the flight patterns of 3 different birds.

    Free Paper Airplanes - A website that has instructions for creating different types of paper airplanes.  There are even videos to show how to make them.

    Future Flight Design (NEW)- An interactive website in which you can create and test your own aircraft and do many other fun activities. 



    Newfoundland Power - Electricity Safety Games  - A website with several interactive activities for learning about the dangers of electricity.



Diversity of Life


    The Great Turtle Race - A National Geographic website about Sea Turtles and a race from Nova Scotia to their nesting beaches in the Caribbean. 

    Hinterland Who's Who - A Canadian wildlife website with information on many species of animals. 

    National Geographic Animals -


Social Studies Websites


    Cultural Profiles Project - A Canadian website with information on many different countries and their cultures.

    Tale of Three Cities - A look at 3 different cities in different eras and a comparison of their cultures.

    Ollie Saves the Planet - An easy to use website with information on our planet and how to care for it.

    Globalization 101 - A website with information on globalization and how it affects the world.

    World Climate Map - A site showing the different regions of the world and their climates.

     Maps of World - A site with many maps of the world.

     Sagwa's Webquest - A site with information on Chinese customs and games to play.



Health Websites


    Career Options - A Nova Scotian website that discusses career options.  It has quizzes that can direct students to a career field that may be interesting to them.

    Kids Health - A useful site with sections for teens, younger children, and even parents.

    Kids' Health - (NEW) -A different site with a similar name with information about child and youth health.

    The Respiratory System - (NEW)- A website geared towards students.

   Yucky, Gross and Cool Body -(NEW)- An informative site about the human body.


    Budd:e  - An interactive Cyberbullying site.


Math Websites


    Mathematica Website - The website for the annual Pythogoras Math Competition for grade 6 students.  There are practice tests on the site as well as information on the competition.


    Canada Time Zones Map - A site that shows all of Canada's time zones as well as the current time of day in all of those zones.


   Circle Graph Creator - A Java based site that allows you to input data to create a circle graph instantly.

   Create a Graph - A website that lets you create many different types of graphs.


Language Arts Websites

    Oak Island Treasure  - A site dedicated to the treasure hunt on Oak Island.  See news on recent excavations as well as theories on the treasure.



French Websites


Canadian Geographic Animals Page - (en franšais) 




Feb 24 2011 -

 Interesting Internet sites added 

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