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Welcome to Jim Turner's Web Site.
I am a teacher and Registrar at the Bridgewater Campus of the network of South Shore Innovative Learning Centers.
This campus is at the NS Community College on High St. in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.
I teach English at all levels, as well as African Heritage English, Global History/Geography, Video Production, Dance, Phys Ed, & PAL.
I will retire on June 31.

My teaching and my site are aimed directly at my students, and often navigated from the Homework Page, an alternate page available at the Courses Link below.
As such, navigation is not always straightforward. The site and its many links are often deconstructed and reassembled depending on the students and purposes we may have at the time.

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Mushrooms and edible plants found during the
Hunter/Gatherer Activity in Global Geography/History

Locally called 'snake berries' the red fruit are easily distinguished by the two 'eyes' on each one, and the runners with paired leaves. Bland, but ok in an emergency. The shiny green leaves are wintergreen and can make a nice tea. The tea is better if the leaves have been dried.

A 'not so edible' mushroom students found on the Hunter-Gatherer activity. This is a
deadly Amanita. The 'sac' or volva at its base, and the ring on the stalk left by the veil that covered the gills are key identifying criteria. DO NOT EAT! OR EVEN TASTE!

This group of mushrooms were in my yard the weekend after the Activity above. (NOTICE LAWNMOWER) They are growing in caespitose clusters, on wood and buried wood; the roots and stump of a Maple tree felled by Hurricane Juan.

You can see that white spores have covered some caps. The gills were enclosed by a veil and it has left a ring on the stalk. They had a pleasant scent, scales on the caps, and began with an egg shaped cap, aging to flat or even concave with a central knob in some cases. I have tentatively identified them as an Armillarriela Mellea or a closely related 'cousin' such as A. Galica.

Since some experience gastro-intestinal upset when eating these, even though they are edible and listed as choice, I have only so far consumed a small amount of cooked mushroom to test my tolerance.

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