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  • During the 2006 - 2007 School year students are challenged to complete the weekly trivia contest.  This contest requires to students to use their webmail account and keep it active by logging in every week to participate in the trivia contest.

  • Students will receive credit in Social Studies for completing the trivia contest.

  • There will be a different contest for each grade level.

  • Students must respond by their individual webmail (accessible at home and at school) to

  • The email must include a subject heading specific to the trivia

  • Students must type a short email and include their answer and the source where they gathered their information.

Grade Trivia Question Helpful Link Information Date Due
Grade 7 How many points are there on the maple leaf of Canada's flag and what do they represent?


Check one of the Canada Links on our website link page!

Grade 8 Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada and where did he live?


Check one of the Canada Links on our website link page!

Grade 9 What is the population of the smallest province in Atlantic Canada?


Check Statistics Canada to get the most up to date information.


Please make note that assignment handouts, rubrics, checklists and complete assignment expectations are available on the handouts page of this website.

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