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What is a Portfolio?

  • A collection of items that reflect an individual’s skills, talents and abilities.

  • An organized collection of things that show who you are an what you are capable of doing

  • A way to show who you are and what you have learned

  • A means of assessing student learning that is student involved

What goes into a Portfolio?

  • work samples

  • photos

  • reflections

  • certificates

  • artifacts that demonstrate skill

  • records of special accomplishments

  • awards

  • resume and references

  • mark/report cards

  • Hard work, creativity and effort!

Portfolio Development Plan at NQRHS

 Grades Primary through Six: 

  • Gather items and practice reflecting on selected pieces

  • Become familiar with the term portfolio, its set-up and importance.

  • Develop the skills of speaking to portfolio contents

 Grades Seven through Ten: 

  • Continue gathering items and show an understanding of learning in each subject area

  • Organize contents and develop a further understanding of portfolios and their importance

  • Develop and practice the skill of speaking to one’s portfolio contents

  • Combine collections at the end of each academic year – complete with appropriate reflections

 Grade Eleven and Twelve:

  • Use skills learned throughout school to develop a career-oriented portfolio for us in employment or university

What do you do now?

 During junior high each student will…

  • gather items to show learning in each subject area

  • develop three mini collections; namely:

  1. Math and Science
  2. English and Social Studies
  3. P.D.R. (Personal Relationships and Development), French, I.A.T. (Industrial Arts Technology, F.S.T. (Family Studies), and Physical Education
  4. Transfer mini collections into a three ring binder to compose a cumulative portfolio.

*In June of each year, collections will be combined to make cumulative portfolios.

The Following Items may be useful in preparing items for your portfolio

Response Sheets Graphics and Embellishments Other
Portfolio Response Cards Social Studies Images Student Learning Profile
Viewer Response Sheet English Images  
Incoming Improvement   Student Responses to Portfolio (Science Example)
Point of Potential   Student Self-Evaluation
Shock Attack   Portfolio Cover Sheet
Trash It   So Far… So Good Sheet
Getting There    
Pride and Perseverance    


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