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The year 2005 marked The Year of The Veteran.  In honor of this, and of the men and women who served, we participated in a special remembrance project.  Please note that this is an ongoing project.

Our Veterans

We need your help!  Can you help us complete these archive records for our local veterans?  If the space in the table is blank, we need you to help us find the information that fills it!

Veteran Name Date of Birth Date of Death (if applicable) Term of Wartime Service Service Details
Acker, Ellot March 4, 1920   Served in WWII  
Amos, Andrew James     Served in World War I  
Anthony P. Andrew        
Annis, Lawrence   September 16, 1916 Served in WWI Pte.
Annis, Stanley Whitehouse   September 2, 1981 Served in WWI Cpl.
Arnburg, Lincoln A.     Served in WWI  
Awalt, G. Calvin     Served in WWI  
Baker, George   2003    
Baker, Merton        
Baker, Raymond        
Baxter, Maurice* July 13, 1917 March 16, 1999 Served in WWII  
Benedict, Donald        
Boland, Grover C.     Served in WWII  
Boulton, Bill March 3, 1923 March 14, 1991 Served in WWII Mjr.
Boyle, Lorimer        
Brown, Kenneth McDonald   July 3, 1918 Served in WWI Pte.
Burrett C. Fred     Served in WWI  
Callaghan, Frank July 28, 1912 October 24, 1982 Served in WWII Provocore
Canning, Charles        
Canning, Laurie April, 1930 May 8, 1951 Served in Korean War Pte.
Carver, Allen August 21, 1916 February, 19, 1989 Served in WWII Discharged March 1946 Pte.
Carver, Byron November 18, 1918 January 10, 1983 Served as a sniper in WWII Pte.
Carver, Ormande August 11, 1922 October 18 1995 Served in WWII Pte.
Cleary, Howard Joseph   April 9, 1917 Served in WWI Pte.
Cole, Owen C.     Served in WWII  
Colp, Harris        
Colp, Joseph William   November 18, 1943 Served in WWII Pte.
Colp, Lorenzo        
Conway, Charles Bernard   Septmeber 28, 1918 Served in WWI Pte.
Conway, Charles Victor        
Corkum, Edison September 19, 1922 Still Living Served in WWII Pte.
Crouse, Joseph   October 5, 1915 Served in WWI Pte.
Craft, Peter N.     Served in WWII and The Korean War  
Croft, Basil     Served in WWII  
Croft J Alfred     Served in WWI  
Croft, Murray J.     Served in WWII  
Croft, Rupert C.     Served in WWII  
Crosby, Maurice R.     Served in WWII  
Dailey, Harold L. July 8, 1878 November 3, 1941 Served in WWI Pte.
DeLong, Allister   1974   Cpl.
DeLong, Pearle        
DeLong, S. Leigh        
Demmons, Elton        
Donnelan, Clifford        
Douglas, Nelson September 11, 1924 July 3, 1992 Served in WWII  
Dowell, Vincent G.     Served in WWII  
Dunn, Mervin G.     Served in WWII  
Dunn S. Philo     Served WW I  
Ellis, Paul December 22, 1924 July 19, 1990 Served in WWII  
Fancy, George April 26, 1912 October 20, 1998 Served in WWII Trooper in the Armed Forces
Fancy, Wilbert Harvey* September 17, 1925 February 9, 2000 Served in WWII Pte.
Fisher, J. Clarence     Served in WWII  
Ford, Melita   2002    
Frail, Ada* January 22, 1922 July 30, 1985 Served in WWII Pte. Cook

Canadian Woman's Army Corps

Frail, Carl* August 31, 1918 April 15, 1976 Served in WWII  
Frail, Doug        
Frail, Douglas     Served in the Canadian Artillery Army from August 21, 1942 - March 9, 1945  
Frail, Eugene*     Served in WWII L.A.C.

despatch rider

Frail, Harry July 25, 1917 April 21, 1982 Served in WWII  
Frail, Keith October 15, 1917 September 20, 1989 Served in WWII Trooper in the Canadian Armored Corps
Frail, Royce*     Served in WWII Sgmn.
Francis, Joseph        
Fraser S.W Alfred     Served in WWI  
Fraser L. Walter     Served in WW I  
Freeman, Alvin L.     Served in WWII  
Freeman Arthur W.     Served in WWI  
Freeman, Averell Whitman   August 17, 1943 Served in WWII Flying Officer
Freeman Bryon B.     Served in WW I  
Freeman, Carl Clarence   October 30, 1917 Served in WWI Pte.
Freeman R. Clarence     Served in WWI  
Freeman Clyde B.     Served in WW I  
Freeman, Ellie        
Freeman, Emerson W.        
+Freeman, Enoch


April 10, 1915 Served in WWI Pte.

Burried at Vimy Memorial

Freeman, Forman B.     Served in WWII  
Freeman, Harry C. Sr.     Served in WWII  
Freeman, Harry C. Jr.     Served in WWII  
Freeman, Leigh A.     Served in WWII  
Freeman, Lincoln A.     Served in WWII  
Freeman, Marie I.     Served in WWII  
Freeman, Olive        
Freeman, Robie C.     Served in WWII  
Freeman, Stanley F.     Served in WWII  
Furlotte, Eugene        
Gardner, Byron A.     Served in WWII  
Gardener G. Ernest     Served in WWI  
Giroux, Joseph G.     Served in WWII  
Goff, Ray June 6, 1923 Still Living Served in WWII Leading Aircraftsman
Golding, A.L. St. Clair     Served in WWII  
Harlow Alvert     Served in WWI  
+Hawkes, Robert 1890 August 27, 1918 Served in WWI Pte.

Burried at Vimy Memorial

Hearn, Lewis        
+Hebb, Leslie 1900 April 15, 1918 Served in WWI Pte.


+Hendry, Ervin 1898 November 13, 1918 Served in WWI Gunner Canadian Field Artillary
Hanley, Lester   February 19, 1945 Served in WWII  
Henley, Ralph        
Herman, Irving     Served in WWII  
Hirtle, Lester A.     Served in WWII  
Holdright, Glenford Nealy   September 22, 1944 Served in WWII Rflmn
Hunt, Alan     Served in WWII  
Hunt, Colin     Served in WWII  
+Hunt, Eugene 1896 December 6, 1918 Served in WWI Pte.

Orne, France

Hunt, P. John     Served in WWI  
Hunt, B. Linkord     Served in WWI  
Hunt, S. Merkley     Served in WWI  
Hunt, W. Holmes     Served in WWII  
Henley E. Fred        
Hyson, Clarence E.     Served in WWII  
Jeremy, Frank     Served in Korean War  
Jones, Charles D.     Served in WWII  
Joudrey R. Archibald     Served in WWI  
Joudrey C. Grover     Served in WWI  
Joudrey A. William     Served in WWI  
Joudrey, Francis R.     Served in WWII  
Joudrey, Hector J.     Served in WWII  
Joudrey, John M.     Served in WWII  
Joudrey, Jordan C.     Served in WWII  
Joudrey, Morton S. Jr.     Served in WWII  
Joudrey, Raymond E.     Served in WWII  
+Joudrey,Ronald N. 1920 August 14, 1944 Served in WWII Sgt.


Joudrey, Porter C.     Served in WWII  
Kempton, Harvey     Served in WWII  
Kempton, Herbie May 18, 1925 April 1, 1995 WWII  
+Kempton, John Unknown April 10, 1917 WWI Lance Cpl.

Pas de Calais, France

+Langille, Ira 1913 April 28, 1945 Served in WWII Pte.


Latimer, Gordon October 6, 1921 May 24, 1999 Served in WWII Pte. First Class
Lenethen, Percy O.     Served in WWII  
Lewis, Randolph        
Lohnes, Claude        
Lohnes, Gerry July 16, 1925 Still Living Served in WWII Seaman, torpedo man
Lowe, Clarence May 2,1923 Oct 11,1994 served in WWII Pt
Lyttle, Theodore B.     Served in WWII  
MacBride, Allison        
MacGillivary, Douglas     Served in WWII  
MacInnis, John Colin        
Macintyre, Norman E.     Served in Korean War  
MacLean, Robert        
Mahoney, Charles Vistor        
+Mailman, Byron 1921 July 31, 1943 Served in WWII Pte.


Mailman, Howard        
Mailman, Maurice        
Mailman, Maurice W. March 25, 1916 February 8, 1978 Served in WWII  
Mansfield, Arley April 24, 1929 Still Living Served in WWII  
Mansfield, Carleton February 17, 1925 January 2, 1984 Served in WWII Pte.
Mansfield, Clinton Star May 19, 1923 1989 Served in World War II Master Cpl.
Mansfield, Francis April 15, 1915 January 3, 1981 Served in WWII Cpl.
Mansfield, John May 13, 1937 January 9, 2002 Served in WWII Sgt. Canadian Army
Mansfield, Lawson Arnold* January 25, 1918   Served WWII R.C. Medical Core
Mansfield, Roscoe November 25, 1923 January 5, 1980 Served in WWII  
+Mason, Arthur 1936 February 4, 1942 Served in WWII Able Seaman

Nova Scotia, Canada

+McBride, Eugene   November 1, 1944 Served in WWII Pte.



+McBride, Hugh   October 30, 1917 Served in WWI Cpl.


McBride, Gerald August 22, 1924 November 14, 1988 Served in WWII  
Merry, Mervyn December 26, 1917 Still Living Served in WWII Pte.
+Milner, Arthur 1895 September 2, 1918 Served in WWI Pte. 


Minard, Alan        
Minard, Lawrence May 20, 1926   Served in WWII  
Montreuil, Jean-Claude September 26, 1931 June 18, 1983 Served in WWII  
Mosher, Lester May 14,1913 still living served in WW  
Murray, Clarke H. April 8,1892 April 9,1958 WWI  
Nickerson, Granville        
Orde, Harry   Still Living Served in WWII bar steward
Parker, Douglas October 23, 1913 October 16, 1977 Served in WWII  
Parnell, Perry J. September 30, 1913 July 21, 2003 Served in WWII Sgt.
Patterson, Arnold        
Patterson, Charles        
Price Gorden F.     Served in WWI  
Ramey Albert D.     Served in WWI  
Ramey, Eldridge H.     Served in WWII  
Ramey, Gordon D.     Served in WWII  
Ramey,  Harold W.     Served in WWII  
Ramey John S.     Served in WWI  
Ramey, Roderick C.     Served in WWII  
+Rawding, Foman 1888 April 7, 1919 Served in  WWI Pte.
Rawding, Frank        
+Ringer, Brenton 1925 April 12, 1945 Served in WWII Trooper


Ritchie, John        
Robar John S.     Served in WWI  
Robar, Warren H.     Served in WWII  
Robart, C. Arthur     Served in WWII  
Robart Cleveland A.     Served in WWI  
Robart Carman S.M     Served in WWI  
Robart, Carmen S.M.     Served in WWII  
Robart Claude H.        
Robart, Donald R.     Served in WWII  
Robart, John L.     Served in WWII  
Robart, Vernon D.     Served in WWI  
Rogers, Edward        
Ross, Bob   2002    
Ross, Jim        
Rowter, Allen September 8, 1926 2001    
Rowter, Edward May 10, 1914 March 4, 1993    
Rowter, Miledge January 6, 1921 August 24, 1998 Served in WWII  
Rowter, Rawley April 16, 1913 1995    
Saunders, J.     Served in WWI  
Saunders, William     Served in WWI  
Sawlor, Theodore     Served in WWII  
Seldon, Lawrence February 16, 1924 December 3, 2001 Served in WWII  
+Seldon, William 1927 February 19, 1945 Served in WWII Pte.


+Selig, Johnny July 9, 1917 June 28, 1988 Served in WWII Artillery Pte.
Selig, Mervyn   August 1980 Served in WWII  
+Shay, Edgar   November 2, 1918 Served in WWI Pte.


+Sibley, John   July 4, 1916 Served in WWI Pte.
Smith, Ansel A.     Served in WWI  
Smith, Cecil W.     Served in WWII  
Smith, Clifford        
Smith, Ellsworth        
Smith, Murray        
Smith, Raymond     Served in WWII  
Spears, James     Served in WWI  
Stafford, Arnold E.     Served in WWII  
Stevenson, Nicholas        
Sutherland, Chester Nov 8,1922   served in WWII  
Sutherland, Isabel Sept 24,1926   WWII Pte A.T.S
Taul, Holmes        
Thompson, Winnifred J.     Served in WWII  
Tomblin, Harry S.     Served in WWII  
Veinot, Oran        
Walton, Jonathon     Served in WWII  
Wamboldt, Herman* July 18, 1918 April 20, 1992 Served in WWII Pte.
Wamboldt, Joseph August 3, 1911 1981 Served in WWII RCAF  
Wamboldt, Percival "Percy" 1896 December 18, 1978 Served in WWI Pte. Battalion C.E.F.
+Waterman, Clarence   October 25, 1918 Served in WWI Lance Cpl.


Waterman, Fred        
Waterman, Lewis        
Weagle, Edward July24,1917 April24,1972 served in wwII pte
Weare, Bert        
Weare, Theodore January 6, 1919 April 4, 1989 Served in WWII Pte. Artillery Gunner
Westhaver, Clyde        
White, Victor, L.* June 27, 1919 November 13, 1995 Served in WWII Pte.
Whynott, Albert     Served in WWI  
Whynott, Russell D.     Served in WWI  
Wile, Donald A.     Served in WWI  
Wile, Gamaliel "Malie"     Served in WWI and WWII  
Zwicker, Harold     Served in WWI  
Zwicker, Lester     Served in WWI and WWII  
Zwicker, Russell M.     Served in WWII  

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