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What is LD?
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What is a Learning Disability?

A Learning Disability is a difference in brain structure that affects the ability to receive, process or express information.  As a result, learning to read, write or to do math can be adversely impacted, despite average to above average intelligence.  Social skills can also be an area of difficulty.


What a Learning Disability is NOT!!

Children are not considered to have a learning disability if their learning problems are due primarily to:

*  English as a Second Language  (ESL)

*  Limited School Attendance

*  Economic disadvantage

*   Impaired hearing or vision

*  Emotional disturbance

*  Physical disability

*  Autism

*  Cognitive delay

*  A mismatch between home and school expectations

Attention difficulties (ADD/ADHD) often co-exist with a learning disability.


Signs and Symptoms

Learning disabilities can be hard to recognize and often go undetected.  A key indication is uneven learning patterns, excelling in some areas and struggling in others.  These inconsistencies often baffle parents, teachers, and even students themselves.  Without intervention, these students may begin to see themselves as unintelligent, adopting a passive learning style or giving up altogether.


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