Anatomy of Bullying

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Anatomy of Bullying

The grade 6's define bullying as repeated behavior that empowers one party while taking away power from the other.   It can take many forms but always falls within the following categories:

*    Physical - The bully pushes, punches, kicks ect.  This is the most commonly thought of when one thinks of a bully scenario.  

*    Verbal - The bully speaks, to creates gossip or rumors, to teases to calls names that hurt the victim.

*  Mental/Emotional - The bully rejects, excludes, threatens, humiliates  or harasses the victim.  This can be  the most harmful of the three but is quite often the least known and dealt with.


The victim of a bully usually doesn't know what to do, where to turn or how to cope with their bully.  They think know one will understand because  it is only happening to them.  This of course is untrue.  BULLYING INVOLVES EVERYONE!  There are three strategies a victim use when  dealing with a bully.

*    Passive - do nothing about the problem and hope it goes away.  Proven to be ineffective 99% of the time .

*    Aggressive -to react forcefully  lash out, or explode.  A very dangerous strategy because the victim has lost both their temper and self-control.  However, they sometimes gain power with this reaction.

*    Assertive - The  most intelligent choice for strategies.  The victim effectively communicates their feelings to the bully.  The victim essentially stands up for themselves.  

By J. Chiasson, Teacher Technology Mentor, Pentz Elementary School, Pentz, Nova Scotia, Canada   March 12, 2004.