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Anatomy of Bullying

This page contains the various completed works of Pentz gr.6 student's.  
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Alex, Dylan T and Jake's survey. Have you had a problem with bullying? The three types of bullying.
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Sam H., Dylan P, and Shaun performed a great puppet show.  Spike the bully, Ivan the victom, and Carol the onlooker. Sam, Shaun, and Dylan's Bullying Project- puppet show.
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Libby and Rahel did an ad campaign. Here are some of their posters. The onlooker is the post powerful of all people involved in a bullying scenario.
The script for Owen, James M, James S, D.J., and Sam S. is yet to be submitted. Kayla and MacKenzie's script for their video on bullying. Derek, Jamie, Briana, and Bradley's script for their dramatization.
James G.  , Alex P.  , and Jared did a great presentation called Poor Jared.    

By J. Chiasson, Teacher Technology Mentor, Pentz Elementary School, Pentz, Nova Scotia, Canada   March 12, 2004.