Mr.  Chiasson's  Gr. 6 Class     



                                                                                                   April 6 2004


                                    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

            I have always wondered what it would be like to be a wizard. Would it be fun or really annoying? I guess Harry and his friends would know because they are wizards. Lucky them, they get to learn magic and they can jinx anybody that annoys them.


            Though the authorís idea of wizards sounds like it would be fun, I have to disagree with her to a certain extent. I donít think that life would be as easy as it sounds for them. They seem like they have everything anyone would ever want. They have devices that tell them if they have forgotten something and glass instruments that can inform them if their enemies are approaching. I think as awesome as it would be to have those types of contraptions, itís kind of far fetched that even if there were wizards they wouldnít be that advanced. I think it would improve our world if we had some of the inventions in the book. I think that it would help to have a remembrall because it would help you to remember that you have forgotten something. No question I would like having the items if I were a wizard, but I think life would be a bit more complicated than that. I think that you would have to have some more responsibilities than you do in the book such as: having to do household jobs without a wand, having to make sure that if a young wizard or witch accidentally did magic without meaning to, that all non magic people that witnessed the event have their memory of it destroyed.


            This book has a twist to the story like all of the other books in the series. The twist in this book however is more of a normal human type crises. A mass murderer escapes a wizard prison and is rumored to be one of the Dark Lords former followers. The problem is that the author doesnít give hardly any indication of who Sirius Black (the mass murderer) really is. I know that he is a murderer and all but there is no evidence given to the reader as to the history of his life or if he really is a murderer wrongly convicted. I donít get it if he is supposed to be a main character there should be a lot more information given on his history.


            Although it is a great book I have to question the authorís frequent talking about how the two worlds are meant to be separated if she writes that the minister of magic tells the normal prime minister that a highly dangerous wizard murderer has escaped a wizard prison. Why would the wizards care if Black killed a bunch of non-magical people? I mean itís not their job to look after the un-magical folk like children. Blackís escape frightens wizards enough, so why would he go and tell the un-magical people about his escape? Wouldnít the news of the Minister having to tell the other world of his presence just make people more nervous and make them think that he is worse then he is. I know that if I was a person who saw that he escaped on T.V. thinking that he has a gun and is a highly dangerous non-magic murderer I would be happy to know that. But in the book before this the main character and his best friend almost get expelled because some normal humans saw them fly an enchanted car into the sky to get to their school. If the minister stressed that there be no interaction whatsoever between the two worlds why then would he go out and tell the un-magic minister about Sirius Black?


            In this book the author introduces a couple of new characters into the book. The most interesting I think is Professor R.J. Lupen. He is a rather odd man and judging by his description a very untidy one at that. I picture him as a wizard with short black hair and tattered robes. I also think that he is trying and without a doubt succeeding in hiding something from the rest of the wizarding world. I think this because the book makes it sound like he is one of those people who it is hard to find any information about.


            My favorite character in this book is Ron. I like him because whenever something bad happens it always seems to either happen to him or affect him in one way shape or another. His brother Percy always blames him for whatever happens. The poor boy is going to be deader than a doorknob if Percy soon doesnít stop taking out everything that happens to him out on Ron. I know one thing I am definitely glad that I am not in Ronís place. I think I would have to run away as far away as possible from Percy.



                                         Sam Smith