UNIT TWO: The Peopled Planet

This unit will begin with a look at the historical growth of population up to the current situation and where Canada and other countries fit in terms of population. We will also study patterns of population distribution and densities, explore the various measures of quality of life, and interpret aspects of the global population using vital statistics as tools.

Specific Curriculum Outcome

Activity/ Assignment/ Notes

Due Date

Students will evaluate the current rapid population growth and its effect on humankind's quality of life.
  1. Population KWL

  2. Population Intro Notes

  3. Census PowerPoint 

  4. Canadian Census

 Students will analyze the unequal distribution of human population between the developed and the developing worlds.

 5. Factors Affecting Population Change - notes

 6. Demographic Facts of Life



7. Population Pyramid Questions

 8. Population Pyramid Lab



9. World Population Patterns and Trends - notes

 10. Population Density and Distribution Lab

Students will demonstrate an understanding that the population explosion is tied to human numbers and carrying capacity.


11. Ecological Footprint

12. Carrying Capacity - notes

13. "What is Overpopulation"?

 14. What can be done about population growth?

Students will evaluate population demographics through the lens of culture and gender.  15. China's Population Control Policies - notes

 16. China's One Child Policy - BBC News articles

 17. China's Only Child - video

 18. "Women: The Critical Link"  - questions

Students will project and predict future population trends and pose questions for future management. Test Review Questions