UNIT ONE: The Perilous Planet

The objective of this unit is to create awareness in students that Earth is a unique system that has reached a critical stage in its development, and that geography can continue to a more holistic understanding.  

Specific Curriculum Outcome

Activity/ Assignment/ Notes

Due Date

Introduction to Global Geography and the World



Yes, the first day of a new semester you have a TEST!!! This activity will test your current knowledge and it will allow you to look at what you will know by the end of the semester. Good luck! :)

1. Global Geography Pre-test

2. Global Perspective

4. The Six Fundamental Concepts of Global Geography

5. Geography in the News

 In the News Websites

5. World Map Assignment

List of countries

6. Global Bingo

7. Where in the World?


Students will understand and be able to apply the fundamental concepts of geography to real life issues and situations.

4. The Six Fundamental Concepts of Global Geography


Students will explain the concept of a global village.
Students will analyze the impact of communication and transportation in a global village.

8. Global Connections Assignment




Students will understand global inequalities by distinguishing and classifying MDCs, LDCs and LLDCs.


9. Country Classifications

10. Global Inequalities - notes

11. Helping LDC's






12. Comparing Gross Domestic Products




Students will identify the factors that determine standard of living.


13. Our Constantly Changing World


Students will know what the term “sustainable development” means.


14. Thresholds - On page 41, complete question #13 a to e



15. Ecological Footprint Quiz