UNIT FIVE: Global Trade

Students will be introduced to what organizations, governments and individuals are trying to do to ensure long term security of the earth, its resources and people. Students will be encouraged to be thoughtful citizens and consumers in order to do their part in the Global Village.

Specific Curriculum Outcomes

Activity/ Assignment/ Notes

Due Date

Students will demonstrate an understanding that global survival requires global solutions. Global Trade Group Work - PowerPoint

PowerPoint Design Goals

Students will evaluate their commitment to personal action based on their understanding of various dimensions and perspectives of planetary stewardship.



Coffee and The Fair Trade Movement

a. Read the following three articles related to coffee trade:

1. Wake up and smell the revolution

2. Nestle stirs up trouble

3. The real cost of that morning cuppa

b. Questions - complete and submit

Students will use prior knowledge in order to identify resources and processes, which help us to understand the biosphere and humanities role as part of it and responsibilities to protect it.