The Graphic Design module explores the elements and principles of design as it applies to print and other media. It can involve design problems in graphic and print production, visual communication, screen printing, logo design, and identifying between vector and raster graphic images. This module may lend itself to using photography and web design as an integration piece.

You will be expected to:
  • demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principles of design
  • demonstrate effective use of the colour wheel for graphic design
  • demonstrate an appropriate use of typography for graphic design
  • communicate a message by manipulating images and words using a digital format
  • use appropriate settings for output of images for web use.
  • design, create, and transport digital images for specific communication purpose
  • distinguish between vector and raster objects
  • solve visual communication problems using appropriate elements, colours, typography, and
    principles of design
Assignment Due Date

What is Graphic Design?


Elements and Principles of Design

The Element of Design are the parts that you put together to create a design. The first Element of Design that you will learn about is COLOUR!

Colour Theory

 Monday, February 6
The basic techniques for choosing colour schemes - ppt

Shape versus Form - practice activity

Choosing Colour Schemes - Activity

 Wednesday, February 8


Typography Assignment #1 and #2

Student NGRHS Designs #1

Student NGRHS Designs #2

Friday, February 10


Create 9 Simulated Textures in "Paint"


Putting it all Together

Logo Design Assignment

Logo Design Explanation

Student Logo Designs

Wednesday, February 15


The complete list of Elements and Principles of Design - ppt



Persuasive Media Design

Part 1: Analyze Advertisements - due Thursday, February 16

Part 2: Methods of Persuasion - due Friday, February 17

Part 3: Create an Advertisement

***Graphic Design Test on Tuesday, February 21***

Thursday, February 23