You will discover that appropriate knowledge and understanding of photographic communications will create a foundation of transferable skills that will apply to many other aspects of communications technology.


You will be expected to:

Assignment Due Date
2.1 demonstrate an understanding of the basic operation of a digital camera  Handle with Care
  •  Thursday, March 22
2.2 practice photographic techniques and photographic composition using a single lens reflex camera and tripod

2.4 demonstrate an understanding of image resolution and digital file formats.


Pre-Instruction Photographs


Camera Settings



Learning to See Creatively - notes

Learning to See Creatively - PowerPoint of Examples

Let's Put it into Practice

  •   15 Photos of One Subject 15 Different Ways - due Wednesday, March 28

Photography Composition Assignment

  •  Monday, April 2
Cropping in Picasa 3

Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

  • In class activity
2.3 explore various scene lighting techniques and the effects of it

2.5 control light using advanced manual settings of a camera and existing light photography

2.6 demonstrate an understanding of photojournalism PHOTOJOURNALISM  
2.7 demonstrate an understanding of manipulating raw images from cameras that support it Picasa 3

Image Manipulation Assignment

GIMP lesson #1

GIMP lesson #2

Creative Commons - you may only use images found from the following website: (Under "Explore" click "Find CC licensed works" and search by keywords.)


2.8 practice a variety of professional applications of photography Final Photographs  
  Careers in Photography  

MODULE 2 Test Topics

MODULE 2 Test Review Questions