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Welcome to our class website for 2011-2012.

Welcome back!

This year, the Grade 1 teaching assignment is split between Mr. Wardell, in the morning until recess and Mrs. Jeffers, in the afternoon.

Please stop by regularly to see what we have been up to!  We will update the site with new pictures of our bulletin boards, and artwork. 


Word card Wednesday is fun!  We need to bring our cards in every Wednesday to play our learning games.

Word Wall Words





A - at again are away an B - big because be
C - come can


D - did do
E - every F - for from
G - go get H - have her he
I - it in is I if J - jump just
K- L - little like
M -  me my N - name not
O - out of on P - play put
Q  - R -
S - see said she  soon T - to the that they
 U - V - very
W  - was went we what will X -
Y - you Z -

















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