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Examples of strong and weak models of student work

Problem Sentences: 

When I collect rough drafts, I excerpt sentences anonymously that demonstrate errors that I found were common to many pieces of student writing.

Teacher Model

For a poem/song commentary assignment, I wrote a model for the students to refer to.

Student Models

For a poem/song commentary assignment, I collected 2 models from the  previous year and had the students evaluate and rank them according to the rubric they had been given.

Model #1

Model #2

For the "Shakespeare Our Contemporary" assignment I collected 3 models of multimedia products and had the student view them to provide guidance for their work.

Model #1 This is a Quicktime movie.  The student has created a cartoon depiction of the theme of reputation in the play.

Model #2  This is the cover art and liner notes describing the compilation  music CD the students created on the theme of jealousy in the play